Symfony2 developer

Why would you be interested to cooperate with me?

Because web development and team management are my passion. I know process from every side. Have lecturer and speaker practice. My students work in different outsource and product companies. I’ll be happy to consult you about software development and agile processes. Always looking for challenging projects, tasks and ideas. I really know the cost of my time, so I organize it to perform tasks effectively.

Full-stack web developer @ smart1
Since Feb. 2015 – NOW
smart1® is the center for modern home automation with a focus on renewable energy. smart1® monitors your photovoltaic system, recording meter and sensors accepts complex control tasks, helping you to save money.

I was responsible for:

Portal web application support and development. Working with Highcharts js lib was a bit of challenge.

Symfony2, jQuery, Highcharts and else, Doctrine

Full-stack web developer @ GTB DLP technologies
Sept. 2014 – Feb. 2015
With GTB Technologies, organizations will have real-time visibility and accurate control of content thus allowing them to easily and cost effectively prevent data leaks, become content & context aware, discover data, enforce policies and compliance while protecting their brand and reputation.

I was responsible for:

Full stack web application support and development.

Symfony1, ExtJS 3.4, postgreSQL

Senior QA Engineer, ScrumMaster @ Provectus IT
July 2013 – June 2014
LiveNation project

I was responsible for: 

Managing two scrum teams for period of time in role of scrum master.

Organizing local TechTalk initiative.

Taking responsibility for much complex technical tasks.

Preparing test strategies and guarantee coverage.

Interviewing and mentoring.

Regular QA tasks.

Senior QA Engineer (manual) @ Radaris
Jan. 2013 – June 2013

I was responsible for:

Black box manual testing. Framework-based auto tests development. Managing QA processes. Regression, functional testing. Test Cases, Test Plan creation, writing test documentation.

C++ developer (embedded) @ Luxoft
July 2011 – Dec. 2012
Harman Automotive Connectivity project

I was responsible for:

BMW head-unit HMI development. MoCCA framework used in development. My responsibilities are to maintain the code, to analyze and fix bugs, write component documentation. 

C++, Unit testing

One interesting issue I’ve faced with: There was a bug, when operator continuing to receive “vehicle is moving” message. Even if it stands still with engine off.

Solution was to switch data to wheel rotation sensors from GPS sensor, because it has accuracy up to 13 meters. That’s why vehicle was detected as moving.

Senior QA Engineer (embedded) @ Luxoft
Sept. 2010 – Aug. 2011
Harman Automotive Connectivity project

I was responsible for:

BMW head-unit white box manual/automated testing. Automation scripts preparation. Integration, functional tesing. Automation tool is TASTE. Sometimes VBS was used. Bug tracking system is Elvis. Test Cases, Test Plan creation, writing test documentation.


QA Engineer (manual) @ Intersog
Since Dec. 2009 – Aug. 2010
TopSpin media project

I was responsible for:

TopSpin project black box manual testing. Regression, functional tesing.

Bug tracking system is Jira. Test Cases, Test Plan creation, writing test documentation.

QA Engineer (manual) at Lohika
Sept. 2007 – April 2009
TransactionVision project

I was responsible for:

TransactionVision project black box manual testing. Regression, functional, automated-script tesing. STP, STD creation. Feature ownership. Product uses a lot of third-party software such as WAS, Oracle, WMQ. Bug tracking system is QC.

If you think I have lack of developer experience

I’m working as web (full-stack) developer since Sept. 2013. But I only have contacts from last customers that can prove my qualification.

Also, I never stopped to write a code 😉

Pet projects
Software for Monarch® Pathfinder® Ultra® Platinum 6039™ Printer
Win CE 5.0, Embedded C#, MS SQL, .NET 2.0.
User interface software for Handheld Printer. Native DLL used to control device’s scanner and printer. Scanning barcode -> select related info from DB -> print label.
Add-in for Outlook
WinXPWin7, C#, RegExp, .NET 4.0

Addin add a button on default Outlook panel. On click it collects needed params from selected letter using RegExp. Then formats http request string and pass it to server.

Uzi Yair
CEO @ GTB Technologies
Konstantin is detailed oriented, loyal and a hard worker. He assumes responsibilities for a task and bring it to fruition is the best possible way.
Andrew Kozin
Engineering Manager @ Ticketmaster
Konstantin has wide range of IT skills. He has knowledge in programming as well as in QA and QA management. If project has difficult and challenging tasks that need deep knowledge of technologies and good understanding of processes – Konstantin will be the one whom you can assign such tasks to. He likes and can execute interesting and challenging tasks.
Maria Kulik
QA Manager @ Topspin
I worked Konstantin at Topspin where he was on a team of quality assurance engineers. He would regularly go beyond the base requirements of the task to achieve fuller test coverage. His best quality, however was that he was constantly craving more. He was researching best automation practices, perfecting his English and programming skills, and striving to grow. I am convinced that Konstantin will excel at anything he takes on.
I'm skilled at:
Backend / PHP
Focusing at Symfony2 framework, but able to reverse string without strrev(). Previously worked with CodeIgnitor, OpenCart, WordPress.
Frontend / JavaScript
jQuery is main tool in most projects. Also worked with extJS, HighCharts, Flipclock and else libs. I want to practice in AngularJS, backbone.js, react.js, but still had no opportunity or urgent need.
Bootstrap, extJS, Metronic, TWIG, Smarty. Your project has some special? Not an issue.
I know difference between LEFT JOIN, OUTER JOIN and UNION. Now working with ORM/Doctrine/MySQL. Also, have experience with postgreSQL, Oracle, Interbase(Firebird), MSSQL.
Version Control Systems
Experienced enough to participate in team development. I like user-friendly interfaces. So I use TortoiseSVN or SourceTree to perform daily tasks.